Where’s the emoji for the finger in the throat to gag?

So Charles Roven, who produced such gems as Justice League and Suicide Squad, says don’t call Wonder Woman 2 a sequel because it’s “the next iteration of Wonder Woman.” What kind of marketing nonsense is he speaking? A very familiar kind. I can’t remember who started the “don’t call it a sequel” movement, but I feel like it might have either been Kevin Feige talking about Phase 2 or it might have been someone at WB talking about Dark Knight or, hell, the X-Men producers because if you go by Roven’s definition of what makes a sequel… almost nothing at all is a sequel. Including all the Die Hard sequels.

I get why WB is going to be grabbing their pearls right now. They shit-talked Captain Marvel only for it to be a huge hit. Shazam! is supposedly good but it’s New Line, not Roven and company. But this is, frankly, an utterly pointless flex.

And completely predictable and unoriginal. Through in some terrible CG and it’s just Warner being Warner

Wonder Woman 1984 is coming to theaters in 2020 and will be the second movie featuring the iconic female DC hero. However, in some puzzling news, DC revealed the movie is not a sequel to the 2017 movie.

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