It took Sulu 25 years to make captain

It took George Takei’s Sulu character 25 years to make it from lieutenant to captain. Not in the present actions of all the “Star Trek,” but close to it. I think by *Undiscovered Country* they were basically in sync. And, thanks to me being a teenage “Star Trek” geek, I remember that the novels kept talking about how all Sulu wanted to do was be a captain but he’d always give it up for Kirk.

So, you know, William Shatner being a dick spoils a lot.

It’s taken a long, long time for Asian characters to get to be cool in movies for white people. I’m sorry, not even movies for white people, movies white people might see advertised, not even see.

Rose Tico was the coolest thing about *Last Jedi*. Even if the film weren’t in such desperate need of coolness, Kelly Marie Tran​ would still have been super cool.

Star Wars fans aren’t just toxic, they’re self-defeating in how they’re toxic. They want bad movies, because Star Wars movies have been bad starting in 1983, only you thought they were great at six so you have to justify it all to yourself.

Anyway. It’s like the only exceptional thing about white America is how many different levels we can be racist on.

by Josh Hilgenberg Kicking off the first round of Saturday panels at C2E2, Wesley Sun, Dawn Xiana Moon, Mark Mertell and Michi Trota are here to discuss Asian-American representation in pop culture?


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  1. Hey, there’s a lot of folks in life that are not ready to lead, but are damn good followers. Sulu knew the winning hand was always gonna be Kirk’s, so why not just ride the gravy train? Sulu could ALWAYS lead, he just didnt want to, until the mature years came. Under Kirk, you knew you were gonna kick ass, get the girls, and WIN ! Can’t knock thrm potatoes, Bosco!


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