Updike it ain’t

On one of my blogs—one of the recent ones—I planned on tossing out story ideas. It was probably Summing Up, which I’m toying with archiving as an eBook just because there’s so much content there from late summer 2016 to whenever in early 2017 reality got too depressing for me.

So if anyone actually wants to take the following idea and run with it, you’re more than welcome. Unless you suck. So I guess… ask?

There was that Australian show (and American remake) “The Slap” about a guy slapping a kid and the repercussions in the community. At least I think it’s about a guy slapping a kid and the community’s reaction. Doesn’t matter. My idea is called “Dick Pic.” It’s about a guy who accidentally sends another guy a dick pic because he’s sending a picture of his new robot vacuum and in the reflection there’s peen.

You can guess how I got the idea for the inciting incident (no, it didn’t actually happen but damn the Eufy is reflective).

Don’t really have any ideas about what happens after, just it’d be a funny inciting incident. A very sadly modern one. If I were a painter, I’d do the whole scene like a Caravaggio or something. Call it “Don’t Forget Your Pants.” Sadly, I cannot paint. I also have no interest in writing sadly modern short pieces involving accident dick pics.

I don’t have much interest in writing any sadly modern pieces right now. I’ll occasionally have an idea, sometimes get it far enough I’m at least taking notes (I did not take notes on the above), but then I lose interest for one reason or another. Maybe because it’s clutter. It’s 2019. If something’s going to be something, it shouldn’t be clutter. There’s way too much good old stuff out there and the real world, built on the fantasizes of that old stuff—while a shit show, deserves to be taken seriously and not like a Hallmark movie.

I’ve never seen Hallmark movies, however, so maybe they’re exceptionally serious and address inequity and suffering but I doubt it.

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