Flashy Legends (or: Legendary Flashes?)

Was the fifth season finale of “The Flash” a complete disaster? No. Have there been worse “Flash” finales? Probably? I feel like I block them from my mind because otherwise I wouldn’t watch the show. It wasn’t as bad as last season’s “Supergirl” finale and it wasn’t as good as this season’s “Legends” finale, which wasn’t very good, but it wasn’t a complete disaster. Yay, they sped up Crisis? Red skies at night, sailor’s delight. Red skies in morning, sailor take warning.

I’m really hoping “Black Lightning” at least gets some red skies, even if it doesn’t get in the crossover.

But “Flash.” The use of the word “legacy” in the finale was practically cringeworthy, as was the show leveraging so much on Jessica Parker Kennedy, who’s given one of the weaker season-long “guest star” performances. I mean, she wasn’t as bad as Chris Klein or Sarah Carter, but Klein was hilariously bad and Carter wasn’t much better. Not even Islie Hirvonen was any good. Remember when “Flash” started and what set it aside from “Arrow” was the good acting? Now “Flash” can’t get near “Legends.” I assume it’s still much better than “Arrow.” “Supergirl” we’ll see. I still need to finish that one. I have everything since the crossover so it’s going to take a while.

But, yeah… “Flash.” Season six. Am I looking forward to it? Not really. I forgot, until the last episode this season, both Candice Patton and Grant Gustin have had their better acting arcs on the show and this season did nothing for them. The whole “we’re late twenty-somethings ‘raising’ our future daughter” thing got lost somewhere as far as character development. It’s almost like it turned out to be negative character development. Or at least treading water character development.

And as a fellow “can’t build muscle” guy, I understand Gustin’s pain, but they need to get a better suit next season. I don’t get why they never fixed the suit. They could have fixed the suit. It’s not the hill.

Carlos Valdes also got way too needy this season. Though Danielle Nicolet and Jesse L. Martin should just do a CCPD spin-off. They’re so good.

As for “Legends?” Well, given it’s going to be off until 2020, they did a crap job setting up next season, they did a crap job with the resolve to the Hell stuff, they just did it with solid acting from their cast. Especially if next season is the last, they need to figure out something better as far as big bad. Though this season had some changes, which the writers talked about, just like last season’s “Supergirl” had some changes, which the writers never acknowledged. The difference is it didn’t hurt “Legends” too much while last year’s “Supergirl” was an unmitigated disaster.

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