Blogging changes

I’m trying something new at Visual Reflux, which has been neglected. And since I’ve been cross-posting from VR to Comics Fondle, Comics Fondle has been neglected. Stop Button I’ve kept up on. Mostly. But Visual Reflux as a new primary site has been a bust. I spent most of my blogging time this year doing Stop Button, which I wanted to keep active but ended up focusing on once again. Even without much of a programming philosophy, I focused on it. Though some of it was doing so many blogathons I never could get started writing about TV, which was theoretically what 2019 blogging was going to be all about.

When I started Visual Reflux earlier this year I wanted to go with self-hosted WordPress, to get into the geekery of blogging again, which has been very disappointing. Primarily because I had wanted to set it up on Linode, then kept failing and finally giving up.

Spoiler: Visual Reflux is going to real soon. I can’t with this… it’s 2019.

And the second half of 2019 is going to be a lot, blogging-wise, even though it’s not going to be a lot of blogging. It’ll probably be about the same amount between the three blogs–VR, Comics Fondle, Stop Button. Or at least not so heavily focused on Stop Button everything else suffers. The plan as of right now is to use Visual Reflux for everything not comics or movies. TV posts, Summing Up category posts—these colloquial ones—music posts, which might happen. And whatever else isn’t comics or movies. Except the new capsule reviews I’m doing at Stop Button. Those are going to get crossposted to VR on a post-by-post basis, not weekly or something. So I’m going to have to check the format for really short posts on those ones.

And Comics Fondle is finally going to get a site overhaul. Not sure I’m going to go into all the categories and tags but there’s going to be some browsing. It’ll get a whole new theme, which VR might get too.

Stop Button is going to have a programming schedule (of sorts). I’ll write about it on its own.

Planned posts is going to be a thing for Visual Reflux. Next post will be about The Stop Button. How blogathons kept me interested in film enough to keep the blog going while not having any interest in picking what movies I watched and wrote about. Then a post about what the new Stop Button schedule is going to be like and be. It’s a very, very low bar constraint-wise. But it’s what I got.

Then an aside about Linode.

Then a post about refreshing Comics Fondle, maybe written as I do it just to get me to both do the refresh and the post.

Then I don’t know what. A conclusion and recap maybe?

But right now sleep.

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