Of Blogathons and Linodes

For at least the last year, blogathons have kept The Stop Button going. I was aiming for a Stop Button post every other day in 2019. 183 posts total for the year. For Stop Button. The only “theme” the posts would have is lots of them would be blogathon posts. Because blogathons take the hard work out of figuring out what to watch. I keep meaning to do a blogathon directory for Stop Button but it’s a lot of work. However, I am rather grateful blogathons aren’t just still a thing but also the quality of said blogathons. The bloggers putting them on have been de facto programming my movie watching (and blogging) for a couple years or whatever. The least I owe is a nice directory of blogathon posts.

Maybe after… I don’t know, after something.

The previous paragraph is just preamble to talk about actually programming The Stop Button again for the first time in recent memory. I used to maintain this endless watch list, which eventually ended up in Google Sheets because there were various calculations going on trying to randomize selections but with some intentional weighing. I’m not doing the spreadsheet thing again.

I am, however, using a tech-fueled system to program.

I’ve been trying to get a Linode going for at least a year. I could look and see when I first tried to get a WordPress install up and going, but it still bothers me I couldn’t figure it out. Just way too much work. Maybe not if I knew how to get a domain up and going in 2019 (or 2018) but I don’t and learning how wasn’t going to happen. There’s also the problem of Linode’s help files either being out of date or not seeming aware of the contents of the other help files they link. What was supposed to be simple turned into a major headache. So no Linode WordPress.

I did, however, manage to get a Mediawiki up and running and I manage my watch list with it. So yay, I finally set up my own Linode. Though still not with a working domain name but—again—it’s not worth the trouble.

It’s also not a public website so it’s fine.

I am now ready to program The Stop Button again on my own. Only I still have a bunch of outstanding blogathons to participate in so The Stop Button won’t officially start the new programming schedule until September. I’m also waiting on a few things before I select the first titles. Also not sure how I’m going to talk about those. But progress. Real, visible progress has been made. Albeit only in managing a watch list.

Which reminds me: I need to backup that watch list.

Linode makes it real easy too. Two buttons to click and two dollars a month, which doesn’t even eat into my credit balance because there was a Linode promotion running on “Core Intuition” when I signed up. Now Linode advertises on almost all the podcasts I follow.

Anyway. Success. And love to the blogathon bloggers, who’ll get that directory… someday.

Probably after September.

I really wish I could get a Patreon going to justify taking time off to blog, which ought to be too much of a shameful confession to make but whatever.

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