Updated 10 March 2019

Hi, I’m Andrew Wickliffe. You may know me from such blogs as Comics Fondle or Summing Up (but far more likely The Stop Button) or podcasts such as… Comics Fondle. Though, far more likely, An Alan Smithee Podcast (but only if you are, like me, kind of old).

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of Comics Fondle and the fifteenth anniversary of when I started The Stop Button and blogging; I didn’t keep any of those 2004 posts, which is probably good, though I did think highly enough of a long lost Superman: The Movie post to mention it in a later Stop Button response.

I had planned on launching a TV-related blog this year–A Televisual Feast. I’m also launching a new podcast called Visual Reflux, a combination rebranding of the Comics Fondle Podcast as well as broader as far as topics (not just comics, but TV, movies, streaming… all things seen).

Starting two new blogs didn’t make much sense. After a shocking small amount of time I decided to scrap A TV Feast and concentrate on Visual Reflux. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be deciding what kind of posts to do going forward, so it’ll be “experimental” as far as content for a while.

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